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About us

About us

CROWN-WOOD has been in wood business since 1980.

We are a Belgian based group of companies specialised in the trade of tropical & exotic hardwoods.

In nearly 30 years of business we have accumulated a vast knowledge of workmanship and attention to detail.
Throughout the years we have built an exclusive or privileged relationship with numerous lumber mills in many developing countries.
Our direct relationship with these sawmills implies that we are supplied with the highest quality lumber at the lowest possible cost.
This means we can pass our savings and quality selection on to you, our valued customers.
We offer a variety of sizes, qualities and species. Use our buying power to reduce your costs !
From small quantity unit parcels to multiple container orders, we are ready for your business.

We have multiple, strategically placed locations to quickly ship throughout Europe, and the rest of the world !

Basic Values
The activities of CROWN-WOOD are based on the raw material “wood”. Therefore, we have a commercial interest in ensuring that the forests are managed in such a way that there will also be timber for generations to come. We take seriously our social role in the preservation of the forests of the world, which we shall assist to protect. It is the objective of CROWN-WOOD to trade only in wood & wood products originating from forests that have been verified as sustainable. The environmental policy will be implemented in co-operation with suppliers, customers, authorities and other serious stakeholders.


Crown-Wood is a division of Crown-Holdings bvba, a registered company in Belgium active in the import/export & trading of all kinds of Tropical & Exotic Hardwoods (from South-East Asia, West Africa and South-America). 

Crown-Holdings bvba

Crown-Holdings bvba has the following divisions:

Contact details

a division of Crown-Holdings bvba

Baillet Latourlei 98
2930 Brasschaat

E-mail: info@crown-wood.be
Telephone: +32 3 480 10 14
Fax: +32 3 605 48 53