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Matoa (Taun)

Tree Data
Pometia species are reported to produce trees that attain a height of 100 to 150 feet (30 to 45 m), with trunk diameters of 24 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm).

They develop boles that are often of poor form, with a merchantable length of about 70 feet (21 m).


Sapwood Color
The wide sapwood is pale pink or buff in color, and is not always distinct from the heartwood.

Heartwood Color
The heartwood is red, red-brown, or purplish in color.

Grain is reported to be usually straight, sometimes interlocked.

The texture is fine to coarse, and uneven.

The surface of the wood is usually low in luster.

There is no distinctive odor or taste.

Movement in Service
The material is reported to exhibit small to medium movement after manufacture.

Natural Durability

The wood is reported to be vulnerable to attack by pinhole borers and marine borers. It is also prone to blue stain. Resistance to Impregnation The heartwood is reported to be impermeable, and the sapwood is rated as moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Toxic Constituents
Sawdust from machining operations has been associated with nose and throat irritation in some individuals.

Strength Properties
Bending strength in the air-dry condition (about 12 percent moisture content) is high - comparable to Teak. Maximum crushing strength, or compression strength parallel to grain, is high. Some familiar species with high crushing strength parallel to grain include Hard maple, Teak, and White oak. It is moderately hard and resistant to wearing and marring. It is heavy. The density is high.

The tree is reported to produce an edible fruit, and the leaves and bark are used for medicinal purposes.

Category Green Dry Unit
Bending Strength 8455 15084 psi
Crushing Strength (Perp.) 596 1014 psi
Max. Crushing Strength 4631 7206 psi
Static Bending (FSPL) 4971 9600 psi
Impact Strength 25 33 inches
Stiffness 1492 1856 1000 psi
Hardness 1228 lbs
Shearing Strength 1880 psi
Toughness 341 in-lbs
Specific Gravity 0.56 0.70
Weight 56 44 lbs/cu.ft.
Density (Air-dry) 44 lbs/cu.ft.
Radial Shrinkage (G->OD) 6 %
Tangential Shrink. (G->OD 7 %
Volumetric Shrink. (G->OD 13 %


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