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South America


Tree Data
Tree size is reported to vary with species, but is commonly about 100 feet (30 m) in height, with a trunk diameter of about 24 inches (60 cm).

Heights of 190 feet (57 m) and trunk diameters of up to 72 inches (180 cm) have also been reported.


Sapwood Color
The sapwood is described as whitish to yellowish in color, distinct but not clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

Heartwood Color
The heartwood is a dull uniform pink, or pale pinkish brown, or golden brown, or salmon pink to pale pink brown. Dark gum veins are reported to resemble those in Spanish cedar (Cedrela ).

Grain is straight, or slightly to highly interlocked. Quartersawn material free from gum veins is reported to have an attractive appearance and may be suitable for the manufacture of less expensive grade furniture.

Texture is described as moderately coarse.

Luster is reported to be high, somewhat golden.

Odor and taste are indistinct.

Natural Durability
Heartwood resistance to decay is reported to vary with species, but Vochysia timbers are generally susceptible to attack by insects and decay-causing fungi. Resistance to Impregnation Preservative absorption and retention is reported to be more than adequate in both heartwood and sapwood.

Gum Ducts
The timbers often contain vertical gum ducts, which are sometimes found objectionable in some applications.

Timber produced by the genus has been suggested as a good substitute for that of Spanish cedar (Cedrela ).

Strength Properties
The species has high bending strength in the air-dry condition (about 12 percent moisture content). It compares favorably with Teak, which also has high bending strength. Its strength in compression parallel to grain is medium, but ower than that of Teak. Surfaces may dent or scratch easily since the wood is soft. The weight is about average. The wood has high density.

Category Green Dry Unit
Bending Strength 6210 11042 psi
Max. Crushing Strength 2880 5965 psi
Stiffness 1235 1464 1000 psi
Work to Maximum Load 10 13 in-lbs/in3
Hardness 605 lbs
Shearing Strength 1540 psi
Toughness 97 in-lbs
Specific Gravity 0.38 0.54
Weight 51 32 lbs/cu.ft.
Density (Air-dry) 31 lbs/cu.ft.
Radial Shrinkage (G->OD) 4 %
Tangential Shrink. (G->OD 10 %
Volumetric Shrink. (G->OD 13 %


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