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South America


Tree Data
The tree is reported to attain a height of 100 feet (30m), with trunk diameter that is commonly 24 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm), but may be as high as 60 inches (150 cm).


Sapwood Color
The sapwood is not distinct from the heartwood.

Heartwood Color
The color of the heartwood is a uniform yellow to medium-brown with an orange-pink tint, and darkens upon exposure.

The wood has moderately interlocked and irregular grain.

Texture is described as medium to coarse, and the wood looks and feels waxy.

Wood luster is reported to be medium to high.

The freshly-cut wood is mildly and distinctly scented and has a cumarin or vanilla taste.

Movement in Service
The wood is reported to possess good dimensional stability, and hold its shape well after seasoning.

Natural Durability
The timber is reported to be resistant to decay and insect attack. Resistance to Impregnation The wood is extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Strength Properties
The species has average, or medium, density. Hardness is rated as medium. It resists denting and marring about as well as white oak or birch. The weight is high. The density is high.

The nice scented seeds are used as perfume in toilet soaps and snuff. The fragrant oil contained in the bark of the tree is used for medicinal purposes. The species goes by many names, and is even referred to as Brazilian oak and Brazilian cherry by some in the United States because of its visual similarity to the two species.


Category Green Dry Unit
Bending Strength 9880 psi
Max. Crushing Strength 4670 psi
Stiffness 1343 1000 psi
Hardness 790 lbs
Specific Gravity 0.55 0.60
Weight 53 42 lbs/cu.ft.
Density (Air-dry) 42 lbs/cu.ft.
Radial Shrinkage (G->OD) 3 %
Tangential Shrink. (G->OD 5 %
Volumetric Shrink. (G->OD 8 %


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