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South America


Sapwood Color
The sapwood is described as beige white in color, and is not always clearly differentiated from the heartwood.

Heartwood Color
The heartwood is initially yellowish to orange brown. It ages into a russet color, sometimes with an olive cast, or uniform orange.

Grain is reported to be straight to slightly roey.

The wood is medium-textured, with an oily feel and appearance.

Wood surface is typically low in luster.

There is no discernible odor or taste.

Natural Durability
The wood is reported to have very high natural resistance against decay. It can also resist termite attack very well, and its resistance to attack by dry wood insects is rated as good. Resistance to Impregnation The timber is reported to respond poorly to preservative treatment.

Silica Content
The timber is reported to contain silica, which may affect some machining properties.

Itauba has been suggested as a potential substitute for Teak (Tectona grandis ).

Strength Properties

The bending strength qualities of this species in the air-dry condition is very high, far superior to those of Mahogany. It has superior properties in compression parallel to grain in the air-dry condition than Teak, White oak, or Hard maple. It is a very heavy wood. The species has very high density.


Category Green Dry Unit
Bending Strength 17980 psi
Max. Crushing Strength 8990 psi
Stiffness 2349 1000 psi
Specific Gravity 0.87
Weight 67 53 lbs/cu.ft.
Density (Air-dry) 53 lbs/cu.ft.
Radial Shrinkage (G->OD) 4 %
Tangential Shrink. (G->OD 10 %


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